WITPAC - Evergreen Safety Council

Deliverables: Advertising material, social media, e-learning illustration
Evergreen Safety Council, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, is dedicated to promoting safety and health in workplaces, communities, and homes. They offer a wide range of safety training programs, resources, and consulting services to businesses, individuals, and organizations to help prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses. WITPAC is a sub-brand at ESC specializing in training courses for personnel who transport oversize/overweight wind components.

ESC's audience spans many different ages and backgrounds. To accommodate this diversity, I prioritize clear, simple, and universal designs that are easy for everyone to understand.


While following the company's brand guidelines, I ensure that WITPAC maintains its own distinct identity, reflecting its unique character and effectively convey key messages to a broad range of viewers.

Tools used

Illustrator, Photoshop

Instagram posts
Flyer and brochure