Silent Guardians

This is the digital painting I created using Clip Studio Paint that earned me 2nd place in the Seattle Colleges drawing contest 2022.
Description: After a long and adventurous journey, the wanderer finally finds a resting spot under the old tree. Surrounded by majestic rocks, a sense of peace fills his heart. As the sun embraces the mountains, he surrenders to sleep, knowing that he is protected by these silent guardians.

Manganime Essence

This is a school project I completed in 12 weeks using InDesign. Manganime Essence, although not a real magazine, is a concept that showcases everything about Japanese comics and Japanese animation. It aims to create a community for manga and anime lovers, as well as MA artists, providing a platform to explore the MA industry's impact on nowadays society, especially among the younger generation. Through its imaginative content, Manganime Essence offers creative inspiration while creating a community through interactive games, contests, and fun activities.
Read full magazine here

Saigon Pho & Grill

During a 12-week school project, I had the opportunity to work on a brand redesign for Saigon Pho & Grill, a local Vietnamese restaurant in Monroe, WA. The objective is to give their brand a fresh new look and attract more customers. Throughout the project, I focused on redesign their logo, signage, menu, merchandise, and website using Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

Water for Human

I volunteered for a non-profit organization called Water for Human for 4 weeks, where I worked collaboratively with three teammates to rebuilt the logo, website, and other marketing materials to drive donation. My responsibilities included designing business cards, posters, and various stationery items using Photoshop and Canva.

The Lone Traveler comic

For a school project, I created a comic using AI tools "Mid Journey" and "Wonder" to generate images. The project aimed to teach students how to leverage AI to express ideas and enhance art direction skills. It was an exciting challenge as I had to craft a compelling prompt and train the AI to maintain consistent character appearances throughout the plot while ensuring the story was engaging. At the end I used Photoshop to refine the images.
Read full comic hereSee my progress

Random creations

Outside of my professional pursuits, I enjoy spending my free time practicing and refining my drawing skills. Exploring various artistic styles has become a favorite pastime of mine. This personal dedication to continuous improvement reflects my genuine passion for art and adds depth to my abilities. This ongoing journey of artistic discovery not only brings me joy but also allows me to share a diverse range of insights and techniques.