Posters, postcards, and music album

This project showcases my proficiency in using Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop. It features a range of projects, including poster designs, postcard designs, and music album covers that I have completed both as part of my school projects and as a freelance designer.

1. Nurture | Porter Robinson

Nurture is Porter Robinson's second music album, and I had the exciting opportunity to redesign its covers to reflect the album's dreamy, quirky, and touching music tones. My goal was not only to create visually stunning and creative designs but also to convey a compelling narrative. The front, inner, and back covers symbolize three significant milestones in the artist's life: Downfall, Longing for Hope, and Salvation. The consistent use of a triangle shape throughout the design represents these pivotal events in his journey.

Tools used: Photoshop, Illustrator
Time frame: 3 weeks
Date: Mar 2022

6. Welcome to Washington

I had the opportunity to create four illustrations showcasing the beautiful places to visit in Washington. The objective is to capture the beauty of these locations using vector art in my art style. Each illustration demanded approximately two weeks of dedicated work, allowing me to refine my skills in Illustrator and create captivating visuals.

Downtorn Seattle
Mount Rainier

2. Zoo Tunes

BECU Zoo Tunes is a vibrant summer music event held at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA. It not only provides enjoyable live music but also contributes to the zoo's commendable animal care, conservation programs, and vital education initiatives.
My objective was to design a captivating and lively poster using vector art, featuring animals, musical instruments, and elements from the zoo's natural surroundings. This artwork aims to capture the energetic and youthful atmosphere of the concert. The compositions follow the principles of the rule of thirds and a grid system, enhancing the visual appeal of the poster.

Tool used: Illustrator
Time frames: 2 weeks
Date: Mar 2023

3. Texan nut sheller

My objective is to create a poster that slaps the target audience with laughter and triggers an irresistible urge to snatch up the product. After doing research about my target audience, I was able to know their aesthetic. Harnessing the power of humor, a wicked combo of a deep blue background and fiery red-orange hues, and a sassy sans serif typeface, I came up with the image of a furious shell-cracking monster. This bad boy is ready to unleash its wrath on the toughest of shells, leaving no stubborn crustacean uncracked!

Tool used: Illustrator
Time frames: 2 weeks
Date: Apr 2022

4. Rum drinks recipes

A poster that has lots of text could be very challenging to design without overwhelming the viewers. My goal is to infuse the posters with a sense of luxury and vintage charm by utilizing a grid system to achieve a visually pleasing design. Additionally, I prioritize creating a clear and easy-to-read text hierarchy within the layout.

Tool used: Indesign
Time frames: 2 weeks
Date: Apr 2022

5. Freeway Park posters 2022

In 2022, I had the pleasure of designing a series of eight posters to promote events in Freeway Park, Seattle. Each poster required dedicated time and attention, taking approximately 2-3 weeks to complete using Illustrator. Throughout the process, I carefully considered and incorporated the client's aesthetic preferences, ensuring the final designs resonated with their vision.

Freeway Park in Bloom
Book Carts
Summer Festival
Brew & Tunes
Fall Lantern Festival
Park Pup Spooktacular
Cozy Corner
Twinkle Twinkle