Deliverables: Branding, logo, icon family, illustration, textbook, presentation slides
Evergreen Safety Council, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, is dedicated to promoting safety and health in workplaces, communities, and homes. They offer a wide range of safety training programs, resources, and consulting services to businesses, individuals, and organizations to help prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses.
Teaching and Facilitation Techniques is the newest sub-brand of ESC, dedicated to enhancing teaching methods for educators, particularly safety instructors. With over 100 copies published and more in the future, it aims to provide valuable resources for educators to improve their instructional techniques effectively.

The goal is to prioritize simple, clean, and minimalist design with universal-style icons to ensure the content is easily digestible and memorable for the audience.

Tools used

Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Google slides

Textbook (printed in grayscale)